The final steps…

Since the workshop in September everyone has been working really hard to develop their projects and make this scheme become more than just an idea. So thank you for all your hard work so far. In total we now have just over 60 projects to tell the story of the people and landscape of Dartmoor that have been put forward by the dealine of November 22nd. 

Now comes the really difficult bit. The projects each need to be assessed against the HLF criteria and need to fit into the themes that have been develped for the scheme. In some cases projects overlap with others and it might be most appropriate to merge these to create stronger projects. Others may not be developed enough or be more suited for funding from other sources. We also have to consider the budget. Our project pot is £3.89 million with HLF funding for £1.9 million. Not surprisingly the proposed projects come to more than this!

At a meeting with the Heritage Lottery Fund two weeks ago, our case officer gave us some good feedback about the projects put forward, which ones were strong, which ones needed further development and which ones were not suitable for HLF funding. We have also held several working groups made up from the Local Stakeholders group and members of the Landscape Partnership Board. These working groups have looked at each of the projects and commented on them and scored them. The feedback from these groups will be discussed at the Local Stakeholders Group and will inform the decisions that the Landscape Partnership Board will make. The board will meet on December 11th to make these decisions.

During this time Steve, the Project manager for the scheme has also been working with the scheme partners and coordinating the writing of the Lanscape Conservation Action Plan which makes the back bone to our second round application to the Heritage Lottery Fund. The projects will be part of this.This plan is crucial to the scheme and will set out how the projects will be delivered and when. It will set out why these projects are important to the landscape of Dartmoor.

The second round submission to the Heritage Lottery Fund must be made by January 16th 2014.

So all in all its a busy time at the moment!

All the best



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