Decision Time

The Landscape Partnership Board met last week on Wednesday 11th and had the difficult job of reducing the budget for the scheme, which had grown to £5.4 million, back to £3.89 million which was the budget agreed with the Heritage Lottery Fund and for which we have the 49% match funding secured.

Over the last month working groups, made up of members from the Local Stakeholders Group and the Landscape Partnership Board, have met to review each project put forward and recommend to the board whether they should be part of the scheme or not based on the criteria for the Heritage Lottery Fund Landscape Partnership Scheme and how well they met the aims of Moor than meets the eye.

The Board then went through this list of recommendations and looked at further budget cuts to bring the budget back down to £3.89 million and create the best scheme possible. This has meant that some projects unfortunately cannot be supported under the scheme and some can only be funded at a reduced level.  What we have as a result is a great, practical scheme which will help tell the story of the people and landscape of Dartmoor and will help conserve this fantastic landscape for future generations.

We will be holding a2014_01_08 Ashburton Meeting Community Meeting at Ashburton Town Hall on Wednesday 8th January 2014 to let people know more about the final proposals and to talk about what happens next. Members of the Landscape Partnership Board and the Local Stakeholders Group will be there as well to talk about some of the projects. A lot of people have been involved in developing projects, public meetings and workshops and sharing views about how the scheme should be developed so a big thank you to all those of you who have contributed in some way!

A downloadable poster is available here 2014_01_08 Ashburton Meeting

The application to the Heritage Lottery Fund will then be made on January16th 2014.


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