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We are now at the end of the development phase of the scheme and are waiting a date we can officially start to deliver the scheme. With that in mind we had our last meeting of the development phase Local Stakeholders Group (LSG) on Wednesday evening. It was an opportunity to reflect on how far the scheme had developed from the initial round one bid to the HLF and how the LSG have helped influence the new projects. Steve Scoffin, Project Manager for the scheme reminded us of some of our successes looking at Parishscapes as an example; which has grown in scale and budget to include all 14 parishes that make up MTMTE and how the LSG had acted as ambassadors for their communities and interest groups passing on concerns, challenges and opportunities to the Landscape Partnership Board and helping to make decisions.

It was reported that the Heritage Lottery Fund had commented on this and that they felt the changes made to the scheme reflected wider engagement with the communities of Dartmoor and had created a stronger scheme.

Tom Stratton, the Chair of the Landscape Partnership Board and Ally Kohler, Lead Partner also passed on their thanks to the LSG for all their hard work and for their commitment to the scheme.

The Local Stakeholders Group will now come to an end and a new LSG will be appointed once the scheme is up and running in a few weeks. We  will advertise for members through the local media-parish magazines, local papers and of course the web. We will be looking for people to represent their communities and people to represent interest groups that use Dartmoor. Please watch this space for more details.

In the mean time I would like to thank , on behalf of MTMTE, all the members of the LSG for helping us develop a successful bid.

A big thank you to George, Margaret, Peter, Tom, Nigel, John, Sue, Anne, Hazel, Sylvee, Geoffrey, Patrick, Brendan, Julia and Julian

Andy Bailey, Community Officer MTMTE

Dartmoor Local History Groups Day

Moor than meets the eye was invited to talk at the recent Local History Groups day on Friday 20th June. It was a great opportunity to hear about all the fantastic work going on to research the people and heritage of  Dartmoor. In particular there was a great talk by Dr David Parker, author of People of Devon in the First World War. He was a brilliant storyteller full of enthusiasm and knowledge about this subject.

We also heard from some of the local groups and learned about some of the work they have been undertaking.

During the afternon session we were able to let everyone know about the scheme and that we have been successful in our bid for Heritage Lottery Funding.

In particular we announced the Parishscapes project fund. This grass roots project will provide money and support for parish communities to explore the heritage of their parish, research it and where necessary restore features of importance. Moor than meets the eye will provide communities with up to £10,000 per parish to undertake these projects over the next 5 years. This could make a huge difference to the conservation of heritage on the moor.

We also announced Moor Medieval which is a project which will look at medieval farming and the relationship between the high moor and its neighbouring parishes.

Peter Mason from the Lustleigh Society also talked about the In the Footsteps of the Victorians project in which together with Bovey Tracey Heritage Centre and Moretonhampstead History Society they will explore the influence of the Victorian era around the Wray Valley and in particular the old railway line. Research will produce a book and there will be an exhibition of associated artwork at RAMM.

A big thank you to Jane Marchand, Senior Archaeologist for DNPA and her team for organising the day and inviting us to it. We hope that MTMTE can support more days like this; where local history groups and interested parties can come together to share ideas and experiences.

by Andy Bailey, Community Officer MTMTE

There’s Moor than meets the eye to our winning partnership


We are celebrating a successful bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and have been awarded a grant of nearly £2 million over the next five years, as part of this £3.8 million scheme of community heritage and conservation projects.

We have been working together with communities and organisations over the last year as the Moor than meets the eye Landscape Partnership to show that there is indeed Moor than meets the eye to Dartmoor. Together we have developed a scheme of 28 integrated projects which will bring important benefits for Dartmoor’s heritage. It will bring people together to explore Dartmoor’s past, conserve its wildlife, improve understanding of the moor and develop and share the skills to look after it for generations to come.

The additional funding has come from the partnership which is made up of 13 public, private and voluntary sector organisations with interests on Dartmoor, with Dartmoor National Park Authority as the lead partner.

“We’ve formed this partnership because we can achieve more by working together than we can on our own” said Bill Hitchins, Chairman of Dartmoor National Park Authority.

“I am delighted that we have been successful in our bid for Heritage Lottery Fund investment. This is brilliant news for Dartmoor – a £3.8million investment which will bring huge benefits to the heritage of Dartmoor. I’m sure our success is down to finding new ways for the organisations and communities involved to work together.” said Tom Stratton, the Land Agent for the Duchy of Cornwall and Chair of the Moor than meets the eye Landscape Partnership Board

Nerys Watts, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund South West, said: “Over the past decade, we’ve had great success with our Landscape Partnership Schemes, especially in the South West, and many threatened landscapes are already on the road to a more secure future. Supporting projects such as Moor than meets the eye is particularly important for us at HLF as they bring together both community groups and public bodies with a shared passion of caring for our incredible natural environment. Today’s HLF investment for this historically significant landscape will not only strengthen those partnerships but also capture the enthusiasm of local communities and help reconnect them with this wonderful slice of nature.”

The scheme will help people to reveal how our ancestors lived and worked on Dartmoor. Projects like “Unveiling the archaeology of the High moor” will involve them in research, archaeology and the conservation of some of our most important heritage assets. The “Parishscapes” project will provide grants and advice for communities to develop their own community heritage projects and explore their own parish.

Dartmoor is important for its diverse wildlife and rich habitats. This is reflected in projects like “Postbridge Hay meadows” and “Moorland birds”. These will ensure that important conservation work and the sharing of good practice are undertaken to benefit Dartmoor’s wildlife.

Education and interpretive projects like “Discovering the Dartmoor story” are a key element. They will help visitors to Dartmoor and the communities who live here make new connections with the landscape and develop a better understanding of its heritage through a range of media including interactive guides, interpretation and project work.

The final part of the scheme will look at how we share and maintain the skills to look after Dartmoor for future generations. This will include the launch of the Dartmoor Diploma, a formal qualification which will help people gain these skills.

In short this scheme will tell the story of the people and landscape of Dartmoor over 4,000 years…the Dartmoor Story.

If you want to know more about each of the projects follow this link to learn more.

The Partnership board will now meet tomorrow to discuss the next steps and look to set up a start date for the scheme. Now the hard work really begins!

Decision Day for MTMTE


The Heritage Lottery Fund meet today to review our application for funding and make a decision. There is not alot we can do now; the hard work has been done developing the projects that make up the scheme so that our application is as strong as possible. All we can do now is wait!
We expect that they will pass on their decision fairly quickly and that we will know the outcome over the next couple of days.