Dartmoor Local History Groups Day

Moor than meets the eye was invited to talk at the recent Local History Groups day on Friday 20th June. It was a great opportunity to hear about all the fantastic work going on to research the people and heritage of  Dartmoor. In particular there was a great talk by Dr David Parker, author of People of Devon in the First World War. He was a brilliant storyteller full of enthusiasm and knowledge about this subject.

We also heard from some of the local groups and learned about some of the work they have been undertaking.

During the afternon session we were able to let everyone know about the scheme and that we have been successful in our bid for Heritage Lottery Funding.

In particular we announced the Parishscapes project fund. This grass roots project will provide money and support for parish communities to explore the heritage of their parish, research it and where necessary restore features of importance. Moor than meets the eye will provide communities with up to £10,000 per parish to undertake these projects over the next 5 years. This could make a huge difference to the conservation of heritage on the moor.

We also announced Moor Medieval which is a project which will look at medieval farming and the relationship between the high moor and its neighbouring parishes.

Peter Mason from the Lustleigh Society also talked about the In the Footsteps of the Victorians project in which together with Bovey Tracey Heritage Centre and Moretonhampstead History Society they will explore the influence of the Victorian era around the Wray Valley and in particular the old railway line. Research will produce a book and there will be an exhibition of associated artwork at RAMM.

A big thank you to Jane Marchand, Senior Archaeologist for DNPA and her team for organising the day and inviting us to it. We hope that MTMTE can support more days like this; where local history groups and interested parties can come together to share ideas and experiences.

by Andy Bailey, Community Officer MTMTE


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