Thank you!

We are now at the end of the development phase of the scheme and are waiting a date we can officially start to deliver the scheme. With that in mind we had our last meeting of the development phase Local Stakeholders Group (LSG) on Wednesday evening. It was an opportunity to reflect on how far the scheme had developed from the initial round one bid to the HLF and how the LSG have helped influence the new projects. Steve Scoffin, Project Manager for the scheme reminded us of some of our successes looking at Parishscapes as an example; which has grown in scale and budget to include all 14 parishes that make up MTMTE and how the LSG had acted as ambassadors for their communities and interest groups passing on concerns, challenges and opportunities to the Landscape Partnership Board and helping to make decisions.

It was reported that the Heritage Lottery Fund had commented on this and that they felt the changes made to the scheme reflected wider engagement with the communities of Dartmoor and had created a stronger scheme.

Tom Stratton, the Chair of the Landscape Partnership Board and Ally Kohler, Lead Partner also passed on their thanks to the LSG for all their hard work and for their commitment to the scheme.

The Local Stakeholders Group will now come to an end and a new LSG will be appointed once the scheme is up and running in a few weeks. We  will advertise for members through the local media-parish magazines, local papers and of course the web. We will be looking for people to represent their communities and people to represent interest groups that use Dartmoor. Please watch this space for more details.

In the mean time I would like to thank , on behalf of MTMTE, all the members of the LSG for helping us develop a successful bid.

A big thank you to George, Margaret, Peter, Tom, Nigel, John, Sue, Anne, Hazel, Sylvee, Geoffrey, Patrick, Brendan, Julia and Julian

Andy Bailey, Community Officer MTMTE


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