BBC discover there is Moor than meets the eye to Hameldown

PA9 Matt Baker Hameldown

Matt Baker visited Dartmoor earlier in the month as part of the BBC’s Countryfile. He met John Lowe, to find out about one mans mission to uncover the truth about a bomber crash on Hameldown during  the second world war. John is working with the Dartmoor National Park Authority’s senior archaeologist, Jane Marchand to survey the site and try to build a picture of what happened on that fateful night. This is one of the first projects to get underway as part of the Moor than meets the eye scheme.
The project focuses on a non invasive survey undertaken using the latest geophysics technology (like they use on Time Team) to detect variations in the magnetism in the ground. You can read about the full MTMTE project here. If you’d like to discover more about  John’s research then please visit his website which has a lot of information about the work he is doing. You can find it at the Hameldownboys. John will also be doing an illustrated talk about the project later in the year. More information about that to follow.

This episode of Countryfile goes out on Sunday 21st September at 7.00pm on BBC ONE


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