What do we know about Medieval Dartmoor so far?

What was life and farming like on Dartmoor during Saxon times and after the Norman conquest?


The MTMTE Moor Medieval project aims to answer these and many other questions in the coming years!

We are making arrangements for a seminar early next year to bring together speakers specialising in the medieval period and local people to look at what we know about medieval Dartmoor so far and where we should be going in our journey of discovery and understanding of its medieval landscape and heritage.

In the meantime, we are looking for people who are interested to take part in study and field work with a view to forming a medieval group to work on Dartmoor. This will initially focus on an area which includes east Dartmoor Forest and its ancient tenements, Spitchwick Manor and Widecombe in the Moor parish.  In subsequent years during the life of the MTMTE Moor Medieval project the group would extend their interest into Manaton, North Bovey, Chagford and Gidleigh parishes.   

Please get in touch with Andy Bailey our Community Officer if you would like to get involved.

email: moorthanmeetstheeye@gmail.com

Phone: 01626 831028




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