Shelters and Popcorn

Shelter BuildingChildren from Moretonhampstead Primary School came out to visit East Dartmoor NNR as part of their EcoSchools work to get closer to nature. We organised and ran a shelter building session which helped the children think about what they would need to live out on the moor and their Bronze age ancestors who made their homes here 4,000 years ago. The children reflected that many of the resources that they required would have been similar- open ground, sheltered from the worst of the winds, access to trees for building materials, nearby water. One small difference however was that these shelters only lasted for the day before being taken down…unlike the Bronze age  hut circles which are still easily found on the moor 4,000 years later.

The children built some great shelters which was just as well as there were some heavy showers over lunch and they felt sure that whatever our similarities with our Bronze Age ancestors that we had the best device for cooking popcorn-2 sieves on a stick!





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