Showcase for Volunteering on Dartmoor

We set out to create a showcase for volunteering opportunities relating to wildlife and to highlight all the fantastic work that goes on across East Dartmoor NNR, on Dartmoor and around Devon. Thanks to all the hard work of our friends and volunteers across 12 organisations we certainly achieved that!

The Volunteering Taster Day, held on 1st November was organised like a recruitment fair with stalls and activities staffed by volunteers highlighting the great work they undertake. Feedback from visitors on the day was that they were excellent and that everyone was very friendly and informative.

This was the first time we had run such an event so we were very pleased that 15 people expressed strong interest – many in more than one area of volunteering. We are now following up these contacts.

We are now looking at the possibility of running another volunteering taster event for the MTMTE scheme at another location in the Spring.

Below is a list of the organisations and opportunities being showcased at the event.

Bat Monitoring, Fingle Wood Volunteers – Woodland Trust

Bird Monitoring, Butterfly Surveying, Data Webbers, Estate Maintenance, History Hunters, Sunday Practical Task Group, Science, Operation Otter –Natural England

Devon Butterfly Conservation

Devon Fly Group

Devon Fungi Group

Devon Lichen Group

Devon Moth Group

Devon Reptile and Amphibian Group (DRAG)

Kelly Mine

Moor than meets the eye Landscape Partnership


Wildlife Hit Squad


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