Developing new EcoSkills

The Ecoskills trainees (from l to r Patrick, Rebekah, Emma)

The Ecoskills trainees (from l to r Patrick, Rebekah, Emma)

Meet Emma, Patrick and Rebekah, trainees that have just started as part of the EcoSkills project. With their initial training already under way at East Dartmoor NNR, they are developing their skills and experience to complement their underpinning knowledge. For example, Emma, who has a passion for public engagement, is already getting involved in educational events at Yarner Wood and beyond. Patrick, with a focus on habitat and countryside management, is busy organising groups of people to assist with practical tasks at the Reserve. Rebekah, driven by her ecological knowledge and flair, is carrying out wildlife monitoring and research.

To ensure that the trainees maintain an overview of applied conservation management, they won’t limit their training and experience to their specialist areas, and they’ll be working together closely as a team to learn as much as possible from each other. Being part of the wider MTMTE scheme also gives each of them a great opportunity to match their personal development needs with a range of projects.


Here’s what the trainees think so far:

Emma: “EcoSkills is exactly what I needed to bridge the gap between my previous work and studies, and the reality of the career path I want. This week I’m doing 4×4 and Forest School training – I couldn’t be happier!”

Patrick: “EcoSkills is enabling me to put my knowledge and training into practice on a variety of habitats whilst working with and learning from the MTMTE partnership organisations and other volunteers. Judging by this first month, it’s going to be a fun and busy year!”

Rebekah: “So far, EcoSkills has enabled me to network with like-minded people, learn new practical skills and explore ecological research opportunities within the Reserve. It will provide me with invaluable experience for my future career in nature conservation!”

To see how the trainees get on, check out their new blog
For more information contact Linda Corkerton



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