February Scheme News

Its been a busy first month for the MTMTE project team, getting to grips with the overall scheme and the individual projects that make it up. We are now very much at home in our office up at Princetown and happy to say hello to all of you if you are popping by. The weather has proved a bit tricky on a couple of occasions with snow and ice but nothing to stop us yet! You get a real sense of the whole scheme and how it sits in such a dynamic landscape as you drive through it each morning.

The team has been out and about visiting some of the projects. We got out earlier in the month for an excellent tour of Higher Uppacott, medieval longhouse to discover why it is so special and see what works were planned for this year as part of MTMTE

Project leads

With 28 projects making up the overall scheme MTMTE will be working closely with the individual project leads to ensure we deliver what we said we would and on budget. The first project leads meeting was held on Thursday 5th February at Ilsington Village Hall and it provided an opportunity to meet up with the new team and share progress so far.  It was also a chance to see the bigger picture and how the projects fit together to tell the story of the people and landscape of Dartmoor over 4,000 years.

Landscape Partnership Board Meeting

The Board will meet quarterly to provide an executive role overseeing the management of the scheme and the project team. The next board meeting will be on Wednesday 27th February at Princetown


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