Discover the wildlife of the Bovey Valley

Dust off your binoculars and meet our local wildlife experts on Saturday 9th May. East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve will be host to a festival of wildlife walks and activities from Dawn until Dusk. There will be something to suit everyone, whether you are already a keen birdwatcher or are a family making your first visit to the reserve. The day starts with a Dawn Chorus walk for those who want to get the full taste of Spring, we’ll then explore the woodland and valley surveying for small mammals and butterflies, look for minibeasts, have a go at river dipping, get an experts view on taking wildlife photographs, looking for the signs of otters and much more, finishing off with a bat walk to learn about our barbastelle bat project and go in search of some of the valleys bats.

Theme Time Who it is for
Dawn Chorus Walk 4:30am to 5:30am Adults Come and experience the mellifluous sound of the birds as they all wake up and begin their morning symphony
Bird Song Walk 8am to 9am All (children above 5 years of age) A family friendly bird walk with activities to suit
Mammal Survey Walk including Dormice 9am to 11am All (children above 5 years of age) A chance to learn how to spot signs of mammals –  we may be lucky enough to see them too.
Photographing Nature Walk 11am to 1pm Adults and older children Take a walk with a wildlife photographer
Lichens Walk 12 noon to 2pm Adults A walk to explore the lichens found here and learn more about these strange organisms
Butterfly Walk 2pm to 3pm All (Children above 5 years of age) Learn to spot and identify some of the rare butterflies found here (Weather dependent)
Reptile Walk 3pm to 4pm All Discover more about adders, slow worms and lizards with a chance, if we are lucky, to see some too.
River Dipping 4pm to 5pm Families What lurks in the watery shallows of the Bovey? Grab a net and discover the creatures from another world
Otter Walk 5pm to 6pm Adults Learn more about these elusive creatures and how to spot signs that they are in the area
Bat Walk 8pm to 10pm Adults and older children Join us as the sun sets on our wild day and look for these nocturnal creatures into the night

Booking essential. Contact Jane Craven on 0845 293 5742 or email

Download a flyer Wildlife Discovery Day Flyer 2015

Parking will be at various locations around the reserve more details when you book

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