This website is no longer being updated please go to www.moorthanmeetstheeye.org

Moor than meets the eye Landscape Partnership – the story of the people and landscape of Dartmoor over 4,000 years
Moor than meets the eye is a landscape partnership scheme which will bring communities and organisations together to explore Dartmoor’s past, conserve its wildlife, improve understanding of this rich landscape and develop and share the skills to look after it for generations to come.

The aim of the scheme is to:
• improve conservation of ancient monuments, the historic landscape and wildlife on the moor
• help communities and visitors get involved on Dartmoor through events, interpretation and volunteering
• find new ways for people to share their stories and learn more about this fantastic landscape
• work with farmers, businesses, local residents and organisations to share and develop skills and knowledge to contribute to the future of this living landscape

Lottery funding

This scheme is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and is potentially one of the most important projects that Dartmoor has seen for many years. A grant of £1.9 million has awarded to fund the scheme from the HLF towards the scheme’s total budget of  £3.8 million to be delivered over five years.

A partnership approach

This is an opportunity for organisations and communities to work together in new ways, on a landscape scale for the benefit of Dartmoor. The project is being developed by a partnership made up of local groups and organisations at the heart of Dartmoor and lead by Dartmoor National Park Authority.

Getting involved

The experience and knowledge of individuals and local communities is vital to make this work. We need your support and ideas about how to best develop the various aspects of the scheme. We have set up a Local Stakeholders Group to represent community views and ideas which will shape the way the scheme is being developed and we have been visiting each parish in the area to let people know about the ideas so far and find out what their views are. You can also get involved on the ground through volunteering, and through the scheme’s events to learn more about and celebrate the unique historic landscape of south east Dartmoor.


The scheme is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund

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