Moor than meets the eye: Discovering the Dartmoor Story

These are the projects which will help tell the story of Dartmoor to help people connect with the landscape and its heritage and develop a greater understanding of it.

PB1 Bellever and Postbridge Trails
Proposals to make links around Bellever Forest and Postbridge, using Whitehorse Hill as a means of developing further interest in the heritage of the area

PB5 Welcome to Widecombe
Increasing the quality of the visitor experience in Widecombe in the Moor. It will interpret the historic nature of specific buildings, tin-mining and Victorian tourism and will tell the story of parish farming through the ages from Bronze Age settlement to “lost medieval manor of the moor”

PB9 Moor Boots
Moor Boots is a scheme to assist young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to acquire personal expedition equipment allowing them to participate in activities from which they would otherwise be barred
PB10 Whitehorse Community Play
People of all generations from a Dartmoor community will perform a community play that has been inspired by life in and around Bellever through different eras starting with the Bronze Age

PC1 Discovering the Dartmoor story: Moor than meets the eye Interpretation
Telling the story of people and landscape of Dartmoor over 4,000 years this project will help a wider range of local people and visitors engage with the heritage of Dartmoor.
PC4 Brimpts Tin Trail
This project seeks to increase, improve and facilitate information and awareness of Dartmoor’s world class tinworking heritage, with a trail for visitors, communities and specialist groups
PC5 Wray Valley Trail
Provision of 10km of predominantly off road multi-use trail on the route of the disused Moretonhampstead Branch line
PC6 Heritage Trails
Developing an interactive web based map to develop, promote and share a range of Heritage Trails which help people explore and learn about the area
PC7 Fernworthy Reservoir Improved Access
Improving access and interpretation around Fernworthy Reservoir
PC8 Postbridge Visitor Centre
Developing the National Park Visitor Centre at Postbridge as the Dartmoor hub for cultural heritage and specifically the main focus for the finds and story of the Whitehorse Hill Cist

PB8 A Drift through Time – Pony Herd Identification Project
Developing a leaflet and a small handbook to identify the pony herds in the Moor than meets the eye area and to help interpret their value to the management of the moorland areas

1 thought on “Moor than meets the eye: Discovering the Dartmoor Story

  1. Whilst the Town of Bovey Tracey (BT) is outside of the project area the parish does include EDNNR and part of Dartmoor National Park, and the facilities to allow visitors to access SE Dartmoor, hence a role exists for BT Tourist Information (TI) and Heritage Centre (BTHT) to provide guidance. Currently the DNP car park map communicating where to find BTHT is invalid, and has been for several years, I would suggest such flaws be identified in all regions and remedial action taken. With correct town map and fingerposts to direct visitors to the Regions Heritage Centres there is a greater chance that visitors will not miss Heritage aspects during their visit.

    Many of the project aspects listed above could be applied to all parishes within the MTMTE boundary. Many individuals have information of value to the Heritage remit of the project and, I believe, it is beneficial to each community in the project that the Heritage Society within each Parish becomes the repository and coordinator of such information, as often that organisation will be the first point of contact for any external request for information. Coordinating between Heritage Socities then becomes more likely especially if funding were made available for a bespoke computer archive system to be rolled out across the project area and each heritage group to have a person trained as to how to use it.

    Likewise a central repository for physical artifacs ‘owned’ by each Heritage Group could facilitate inter group loans for annual displays. The cost of such a repository could be aided by funding from National Heritage Lottery?

    Once local groups have identified Heritage aspects the facility for walkers to visit them should be considered with the landowners and DNP in order to facilitate sharing of local heritage. eg Circular walks of varied lengths be local walkin g dogs getting to see varied aspects of their environment, or longer walks that link several Parishes Heritage.

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