Moor than meets the eye: Conserving Dartmoor

These are projects to develop, share and maintain the skills needed to conserve the landscape of Dartmoor for future generations

PD1 Dartmoor Diploma
This project will deliver a programme of training to help to address the risks to the landscape heritage of changing farming practices, and losing traditional skills in managing vernacular buildings
PD2 EcoSkills
Natural England (NE) will host a roving team of trainees who will help deliver key elements of Moor than meets the eye while learning from scheme partners to broaden their experience and understanding of landscape scale heritage conservation

PD3 East Shallowford Trust
A project to develop a training programme in rural skills and in particular the making of cream based at East Shallowford Farm

PA8 Ancient Boundaries, Modern Farming
A grant scheme to help repair significant walls and gateways which are clearly visible from the highway or well used access routes

PA7 Ponies, Pounds and Driftways
A project to identify and implement repairs to a number of pounds and driftways

PB6 Managing Volunteers
The Community and Events Officer will provide an active role to help partners recruit volunteers and will provide advice and support to existing volunteer groups

1 thought on “Moor than meets the eye: Conserving Dartmoor

  1. Many aspects mentioned by myself in response to previous project headings have been considered here. A unified Heritage archiving system would require traing and probaly unification of hardware; A cost which appears not to be mentioned is funding broadband, and of course the limitations of Broadband width within the area.

    Is there potential for a Masters University student to undertake a thesis on what motivates people not to volunteer and then move to strategies for overcoming this hurdle. Plenty of research must already exist as to what motivates people to volunteer, but perhaps collating the findings would then lead to emotional triggers being recognised and strategies to use them tested, hence aiding our seeming challenge to sustain Heritage, bearing in mind the demographics of the ED region.

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