Moor than meets the eye: Dartmoor through the Ages

The projects are (click on the highlighted link for more information)

PA5 Unveiling the heritage of the High moor and Forests

Improving understanding to enable better management and promote the internationally important Bronze Age landscape on Dartmoor through survey, research, excavation, interpretation and conservation management works

As part of the development work, we commisioned Dr Phil Newman to survey the field archaeology of Fernworthy Forest and produce a report to help guide future project work. You can read his report by following this link The Archeaology of Fernworthy Forest, Dartmoor, Devon and the supplement to it Fernworthy Archaeology (supplement)

PA6 Higher Uppacott

A grade I listed longhouse with early- mid14th century origins where the lower-end shippon remains intact, which is emblematic of Dartmoor’s medieval farming built heritage

PB3 Moor Medieval

A parish based project to develop understanding about medieval life and to explore the effect that early farming had on the landscape of Dartmoor over more than a thousand years.

PB7 In the Footsteps of the Victorians
This project will research the history of the Wray Valley and the surrounding area on the eastern edge of Dartmoor during the nineteenth and early twentieth century

PA9 Hameldown WWII Bomber Crash Archaeological Survey
A project to investigate why an aircraft heading back from France to Lincolnshire should crash on Dartmoor

PB2 Parishscapes
A community based project to help local people to look at, record and restore, where appropriate, features of built and natural heritage of significance in their local community

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