Moor than meets the eye: The wildlife of Dartmoor

These are projects to engage people in conserving species and wildlife habitats important and special to Dartmoor

PA1 Moorland Birds
Protecting and celebrating Dartmoor’s special moorland birds
PA2 Haymeadows
Raising awareness and appreciation of the unique concentration of flower-rich haymeadows and pastures which remain in this area
PA3 Natural Connections
Encouraging better management and enhancing natural networks within a number of wet valleys in the Moor than meets the eye area
PA4 Discovering the Nature of the Bovey Valley
Protecting and conserving key species, habitats and historic features of the Bovey Valley

PB4 Engaging with the Nature of the Bovey Valley
Developing volunteering and community participatory activities to engage people with the nature in the Bovey Valley, part of the East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve

2 thoughts on “Moor than meets the eye: The wildlife of Dartmoor

  1. Many in the community seem to focus on ‘self’ when it comes to appreciating Heritage experiences, but then lack a connection with a desire to volunteer. Within EDNNR and the wider MTMTE project area there exists countless variety for proactive involvement with your chosen heritage related hobby. Seemingly inspiring ‘viewers to become doers’ as volunteers is a challenge across the MTMTE area.

    Could the uptake of volunteering benefit from marketing informed by data as to why ‘viewers’ stop at that level of involvement. Hence a project of valid market research linked to developing emotional triggers which will aid uptake, and then the focused communication of such trigger generated messages/stimuli. Individual Heritage groups probably lack the research skills / customer psychology / communication psychology, knowledge to generate this key factor within sustaining community involvement.

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